Loreto is a chilean illustrator (who sometimes speaks in third person to play fancy cartoonist).

Back in Chile, she studied industrial design, worked as a technical illustrator drawing aircraft engines and later as an entrepreneur developing a coconut water brand until she suddenly remembered that she likes drawing. She likes drawing a lot. And she loves writing also. Then, with those certainties, she came to Barcelona to study a master of research in arts and design which led her to study a postgraduate degree in illustration and here she is now, experimenting with all the techniques, formats and styles as possible, making fanzines, illustrating magazines and most recently, also tattooing (and of course, speaking in third person once in a while).

If you have the feeling we can do something together (it might as well be drawing related or bungee jumping) feel free to write to mloreto.sg@gmail.com and I'll be happy to bungee jump with you.